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Bespoke Software Development

ProjectBoard_SmallBespoke software applications can provide businesses with large savings in time and reductions of other forms of waste. 

Opportunities for bespoke applications occur where unique information or processing requirements exist, or there are repetitive, difficult or precise tasks.



Bespoke Database Applications

We have a proven track record in design and development of database systems in a wide range of fields. Typical requirements include:

  • • Database applications for specialised/unique requirements
  • • Re-development of existing excel and legacy database applications (e.g. Access).
  • • Dynamic web-based development

Bespoke Software Development

We also apply our programming skills, engineering background and pragmatic problem solving approach to projects such as:

  • • Integrating with third-party applications
  • • Communicating with specialised hardware/machinery (e.g. CNC and measurement/control equipment)
  • • Automation of repetitive tasks - e.g. automation of excel/word applications
  • • Mobile applications

We offer a valuable resource for various stages of your projects, from consultancy during the feasibility and design stage to delivering a working system.

For a no-obligation discussion of your requirements don't hesitate to contact us

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