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Customised Database Applications

DatabaseDesignrealtime recoginise that differences in products and operations between business in the same field can be the key to gaining competetive advantage, and that significant value can be realised through IT systems that support these differences. We have structured our systems to reflect this, delivering customised applications based on template modules which can be configured and extended as required.



There are numerous advantages of this approach:

  • • Systems match the way you work and the level of detail required to reflect your products and processes.
  • • Reduced cost and faster development/implementation compared to fully bespoke systems.
  • • Applications include only the functionality required, reducing clutter/complexity compared with systems which aim at catering for many different types of business.

realtime take a role/process based approach to designing interfaces and workflows. Along-side this we ensure that key data is captured to support operational decisions and for performance analysis. We aim to understand your business and the specific challenges and opportunities that the IT needs to support.


We can also integrate our modules with existing third-party ERP systems and Accounts packages. So areas of your business currently well served by existing systems can form an integrated part of the overall IT solution.

Template Modules & Applications  

For details of our template modules and applications see details of our realtimeBusiness database application framework, realtimeManufacturing and realtimeApps.

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