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IT Consultancy

StategyDiagramAs well as delivering complete software development and implementation projects, realtime offer expertise on a flexible consultancy basis; this could be for a specific deliverable or as a member of your own project/management team.

We provide a full range of consultancy services to help ensure your IT investments support your business objectives.


Consultancy services we offer include: 

  • • Evaluation of existing systems and how these support business needs - high-light gaps and opportunities
  • • Business and systems analysis
  • • Feasibility studies/ROI analysis - can technology help the effectiveness and efficiency of your business and/or manufacturing processes?
  • • Requirement Specification - Working with you to define the scope, deliverables and benefits of an IT project before committing to development
  • • Data analysis
  • • Technical consultancy

We are particularly well-placed to help SMEs in the manufacturing sector who may not have their own IT director or department. 

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